Practical training for expeditions and field trips.

Teaching and examining in wildlife and environmental health, tropical veterinary medicine and animal law at undergraduate and postgraduate level in Africa, Asia and elsewhere.

Supervision of research projects and guidance in techniques such as preparation of blood smears, parasitology and sample analysis.

Advice on national, regional and international legislation relating to animals and animal products and assistance in applying for and obtaining relevant permits and documentation for specimens. Codes of practice.

Consultations - short and long term - especially in such fields as sustainable utilisation, wildlife health, mini-livestock, pathology, zoonoses and integrated development programmes.

See also Pathology, Teaching, Training and Lecturing, and Specialist Consultancies. Click to see reports on (e.g.) Tortoise Workshop, Guineafowl workshop.


Please click here for information about the Gorilla Pathology Study Group.

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